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Laura Warren is finishing her degree after a life-changing event. Photo by B.A. Rupert

Laura Warren‘s advice to people is to “keep working at it; nothing can stop you if you keep trying.”

To a lot of folks, that might sound like a cliché. But Warren knows what she’s talking about. In 2005, a vehicle she was in got hit by a train in Franklin County, Mo. The driver of the vehicle, the father of one of Laura’s friends, was killed in the accident. Warren spent two years in hospitals with life-threatening injuries. She has also undergone intense physical and speech therapy.

Her goal all along was to make it back to Missouri S&T and earn her degree.

A metallurgical engineering major, Warren was a senior when the accident happened. She had already completed an internship with U.S. Steel. She was looking forward to graduating and landing a job. Now, after the “most life-changing event” of her life, she’s back on campus.

Warren returned this past semester. She is re-taking some courses to acclimate herself again. She sits in the front row of all her classes. She takes her exams at S&T’s Testing Center. And she’s still looking forward to graduating and getting that job.

For now, Warren, who is from St. Louis, is living in the Residential College. In her spare time, she enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy.

Warren says her mom and dad have been her biggest supporters. “They knew going back to school was important to me and wanted me to be happy and to follow my dreams,” she says about her parents’ desire to see her earn her degree.

By Lance Feyh


  1. Jonathan Schattke says

    I am amazed by Laura’s spirit of enthusiasm and drive to succeed. I will do everything I can to help her to finish – and to achieve her goal of being a research metallurgist.

  2. Rebecca Curtis says

    I had no idea! I have a class with Laura and what she has accomplished is inspiring. I wish the best for her in school and her career.

  3. Joe Gartner says

    I went to Junior High with Laura. I remember back then having class with her and being jealous of her intelligence. School never came easy to me and I always was jealous of those who found learning to be easy. However, it’s not just the intelligence with Laura; it’s her drive to succeed. That’s the true inspiration!
    Laura, keep up the great work and I wish you all the best!

  4. siddhartha says

    I have seen her in the college and admire her courage and spirit for life. Also the family and friends who are with her should be proud of her. May god bless you with all that you desire.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Gladys "Glad" Naeger says

    It’s so great to see you on your own again and finishing what you started. You are your parents daughter and an amazing person keep up the good work.
    Merry Christmas.

  6. Rachel Morris says

    What a great and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing and God bless.

  7. Shannon Soucie says

    Laura you are amazing!

  8. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me to never give up!

  9. Easwaran-India says

    Dear Laura Warren,
    Greetings, kudos to you, you have shown how to overcome adversity and be the new path to success and your story inspires me with hope and new beginning. You have touched my life with hope,
    My son Muthukumran Loganathan is a current student @ Missouri S&T, pursuing his MS- mechanical, will be finishing in 2012.You are a role model, keep flying Dear LAURA WARREN. May Existence guide you wishing you every thing you aspire in abundance.

  10. Brad Stout says

    What an amazing story. Glad to know that you’re back in the classroom, and that nothing will keep you from learning. Keep it up!
    Brad Stout
    B.S. Math ’09

  11. oluwaseun oguntade says

    Congratulations Laura! I’m really happy for you. Though i don’t know you as such but your story is is inspiring. I wish U all the best in Life…it can only get better from here…Thank God for your Parents too…
    With Love from Germany