Christopher Allen


Christopher Allen (center front) with fellow military personnel. Photo submitted

Christopher Allen, senior in civil engineering

Hometown: Everywhere
Christopher Allen was born in San Antonio, Texas. Because his father was in the Army, he spent a lot of time traveling — the U.S., Germany, Italy. He went to three elementary schools, one junior high school and three high schools. Then he joined the U.S. Navy reserves. “I was directed to attend Missouri S&T by a former Rolla graduate when I was training at Fort Leonard Wood,” Allen says. “I think choosing this school was the best decision I ever made.”

On leave: Now preparing to graduate, Allen’s education was delayed by a two-semester “business” trip to Afghanistan. “I gained amazing on-the-job-experience from my time overseas, which helped me with my current class work,” he says.

Favorite book: Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five.

What he wanted to be when he grew up: “I honestly wanted to be a garbage man for the longest time,” Allen says. “When my mom used to throw away my old toys, sometimes the garbage men would keep them. So I thought it would be the most awesome job, since I could have unlimited toys.”

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  1. Brandon Bell says

    Hello Christopher Allen, I would like to meet and ask questions. My name is Brandon Bell. I’m up and coming to the civil engineer world.