Michael Sumpter


Michael Sumpter (right) listens as Dr. William Stoecker, assistant adjunct professor of computer science and local dermatologist, discusses the research. Photo by B.A. Rupert

Michael Sumpter, senior in electrical engineering

Hometown; Palm Harbor, Fla., via Florissant, Mo.

Michael Sumpter’s father is a graduate. His brother also goes to school here. “I suppose you could call it a family tradition,” says Sumpter, who plays lacrosse and enjoys roughing it at a family cabin in the woods that doesn’t have electricity or running water.

But check this out: “My research is sort of a hybrid between my old major, biology, and my new one, electrical engineering,” Sumpter says. “I try to find dangerous drugs based on reports from physicians all over the world, and then compile deaths into a database to submit to an organization like the FDA. Right now, I’ve identified one drug in particular and I’m writing up my early results for submission to the Journal of the American Medical Association to hopefully be published, which would be a great honor.”

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