A sense of balance

Jordan Wengler started a record label and has a new job with Perceptive Software. Photo by B.A. Rupert

Jordan Wengler started a record label and has a new job with Perceptive Software. Photo by B.A. Rupert and Jake Otto.

Work hard, play hard. It’s a popular adage and one that Jordan Wengler has subscribed to throughout his time at Missouri S&T. Now that he’s graduating with his bachelor’s degree in business and management systems, Wengler is getting ready to work and play harder than ever before.

Following graduation, he’ll join Perceptive Software at its headquarters in Shawnee, Kan., as an installation consultant. The company develops content, process and document output management applications.

“Perceptive makes its own proprietary software that more or less sits on top of other applications and increases their functionality,” says Wengler. “In my position, I’ll be remotely accessing client environments and servers to install our software.”

The Sullivan, Mo., native worked in an internship for the company last summer, where he was trained for two months before he could work independently. A minor in information science and technology helped prepare him for the internship, but because “IST isn’t my major, a lot of this was new to me,” he says. “But I was able to catch on quickly and found that I really enjoyed it. I told my manager I want to work here after graduation — that this is exactly what I want to do.”

The stability of a full-time position doing something he enjoys will allow Wengler the freedom to explore his love of electronic music. He enjoys producing the music himself as a hobby, but his real interest is in helping other artists develop and gain exposure for their music. His experience working with the Student Union Board booking performers for campus shows helped pique an interest in the music industry.

With advice and encouragement from members of the business and information technology department (particularly Ralph Hanke, assistant professor, and Eric Anderson, adjunct instructor) and the student-run Technical Innovators Entrepreneur Society, Philos Records was born in March 2013.

Wengler named the label in honor of his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha. “In ancient Greece, philos expressed family and brotherly love and was used to convey passion and drive for the things an individual values most. The term is based on an idea that means a lot to Pikes and I thought it was a very fitting name,” he says.

“We currently have 10 artists on the Philos roster, including two new guys we just picked up from France. At our heart we’re a record label and we release music, but it’s also turned into what I would call a collective,” he says.

Many of Philos’ artists will perform at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, in March 2014. “I collaborated with a friend of mine to compile our artists into a day-long show on a rooftop venue,” he says. “We’re extremely excited — it should be a lot of fun.”

Wengler thinks his involvement with Philos Records will work well with his new career at Perceptive Software. “They encourage employees to pursue outside interests and recharge,” he says. “I think it will be a great balance.”

By Linda Fulps