Teaching comes naturally

Kylie Croft is a senior in applied mathematics from Rolla. Photo by B.A. Rupert.

Kylie Croft is a senior in applied mathematics from Rolla. Photo by B.A. Rupert.

Kylie Croft, a senior in applied mathematics, wants to teach high school math. She’s getting some practice by tutoring local high school students in the subject.

“One of the most fun parts about teaching is getting to rack your brain and think of a new way to explain a problem or concept a student does not understand,” she says.

Back when she was in high school, Croft had to complete a project that required her to plan her future.

“When the project was over, the idea of teaching math just stuck with me,” she says. And she won’t be the only Croft to teach. Both of her parents are educators, as well.

“Because my parents are teachers, I’ve been around a school environment my whole life,” she says.

For Croft, success in teaching brings huge gratification.

“The most rewarding thing about teaching is the look that student gets when the problem or concept you were trying to explain finally makes sense to them,” she says.

A native of Rolla, Croft has been on the honor roll every semester, is a member of the Student Missouri State Teachers Association, and has most enjoyed her differential equations class. Plus: she can hold a pencil between her shoulder blades.

She’s also the Student Union Board (SUB) vice president, where she is in charge of making sure that every program SUB hosts runs smoothly. In addition to her tutoring duties, Croft works at A Slice of Pie and the Missouri S&T Bookstore.

Between studying and working three jobs, the SUB vice president does not have much time left over. But Croft would never change her busy schedule. “My college experience became so much more fun when I got more involved.”

By Arielle Bodine


  1. You GO GIRL!!! Kylie is our genius math student at A Slice of Pie who knows that a half slice is an eighth of a slice and a whole slice is a fifth!! Now, that takes an S & T mind!!! LOVE HER!!!

  2. Stephanie Grisham says

    You will be a GREAT math teacher, Kylie!!

  3. Sam Kaysinger says

    I can’t believe Kylie is already a senior! Students will be so fortunate to have her as a teacher!!!