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Senior Ashley Koesterer is preparing to graduate this spring with two degrees. Photo by B.A. Rupert.

Senior Ashley Koesterer will graduate this spring with two degrees in three years. Photo by B.A. Rupert.

Not every student could handle taking 18 credit hours, serving as student body president, playing intramural sports and being involved in Greek life. But Ashley Koesterer, a senior in business and management systems and economics with a minor in information science and technology, has no trouble doing all of this and then some.

Koesterer, who is wrapping up her term as student council president, is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and a participant in the Opportunities for Undergraduate Research Experience program. She also holds an on-campus co-op position as a marketing assistant with the career opportunities and employer relations office. In her free time, she enjoys playing intramurals, working on service projects and improving the campus as much as possible.

Koesterer is working with Cassie Elrod, assistant professor of business and information technology, on an eye-tracking study to see how package design affects the way a person perceives a product’s quality.  She says that many people find it difficult to distinguish between a product’s branding and the quality of the product itself. To determine the difference, she conducted two studies focused on coffee.

“Our goal is to see why students purchase certain coffee products,” she explains. “Is it because of the price, the packaging, certain commercials or just because their parents purchase that certain brand?”

Koesterer admits it has been tough to keep up with it all, but she has learned a lot from her busy schedule. “I have definitely challenged myself as much as I possibly could and I know I am a much stronger person today,” she says. “I have learned so much about myself and about time management.”

Originally recruited to S&T as a softball player, Koesterer had to make the tough call not to play on the team so she could commit her time to academics and clubs. “Sometimes I tell myself that I could have played softball as well as everything that I already do, but I know that I would have been putting even more pressure and stress on myself.”

The Parma, Mich., native will graduate this spring after only three years at S&T. “Graduating in three years without bringing in any credits has been one of my biggest goals,” Koesterer says. “I have taken 18 credit hours almost every semester, taken summer classes and worked part-time jobs.”

After graduation, Koesterer plans to put her well-honed time management skills to work as a consultant with Denver-based Junction Solutions.

By Arielle Bodine


  1. Excellent work, Ashley! We appreciate the dedication, hard efforts and especially your work as Student Council President. We’re certain Junction Solutions will be gaining a fantastic employee.

  2. Ashley Koesterer says

    Thank you, I really appreciate it!

  3. Daniel S. says

    Ashley, you’re really inspiring to freshman students like myself. Great example!