1. Super neat!

  2. Great article! Go Solar House!

  3. Kelsey Garrett says

    Its super exciting to see S&T involved in sustainable energy projects like this. So glad I go to a school that supports these unique, innovative projects!

  4. These are so awesome!

  5. cynthia glenn says

    Hey, that’s my car! Too cool Julie!

  6. Jordan Schupp says

    This is amazing! After visiting the Solar Village and seeing how relatively easy and rewarding it is to have sustainable energy, I hope more people get involved and solar house can keep growing!

  7. This makes me proud that Missouri S&T offers their students a way to get involved in such amazing and ground breaking research. I enjoy reading up on what new is coming from Solar House!

  8. Wow. I didn’t realize this was going on at S&T! It’s great to hear more about our school doing so much work with renewable energy.

  9. I’ve personally spent time in two of the solar houses and they are awesome! It’s great to have the opportunity to witness such innovative technology right here on campus.

  10. Melody Franks says

    Go Julie! I would love to see more communities operating like this.

  11. Solar energy is so interesting, I love having a solar powered community on our campus!

  12. Emma Johannes says

    So glad Missouri S&T is bringing sustainable energy to the students in such a relatable way. I wish I could live in a solar house!

  13. I love how these houses look great and use their echo friendly space wisely.

  14. Very neat video! I think it’s awesome that our school has this opportunity for students to learn and live in renewable energy environment!

  15. jolene harbin says

    I love seeing the solar houses! They’re unique and beautiful! It’s so awesome knowing students are making a difference!

  16. I love to hear about all of the innovating things happening on campus at Missouri S&T! Go Julie!

  17. Julie has a true passion for the work they’re doing on the solar team. It’s really something to see, She does tours through the home & explains all the energy conscious attributes of the home. Worth a visit if you’re in the neighborhood!

  18. Kala Longman says

    It is nice to see students applying their engineering skills in their day to day activities!

  19. Dale Dermott says

    Great and useful step by Missouri ST. As an off-grid solar homeowner on 71-acres, the concept of a community of like minded individuals sharing resources has long appealed to me. I look forward to learning about your results and findings.

  20. It is incredible to see students so passionate about renewable energy and sustainable living! Having visited Solar Village, it is clear to see that these students have put in a lot of time and hard work into such an innovative project.

  21. That solar car is awesome! It’s great that the solar house team is using such advanced forms of storing renewable energy like microgrids. Go Julie!

  22. Julia Valles says

    Julie has done an incredible job of spread her love of solar power and sustainable living to the entire campus. It amazing to see how far the Solar Village has come and all the advancements they continue to make.

  23. David Minor says

    It’s great to see this huge step towards renewable energy being used to benefit everyday people.

  24. Jasmine Kuehn says

    Wow Julie I am so impressed with this! This is nothing like any other school, I’m so glad I transferred here. This is awesome!

  25. Renewable energy is the Future. I am so happy to go to a school that cares so much about our future on this planet.

  26. The solar houses are so cool, I love the idea of not relying on outside power. I would live in one if I could, I wish there were more of them.