Snakes invade Missouri S&T

St. Pat’s Snake Invasion: The Game
Go back in time with this special St. Pat’s game! A nest of snakes has made its way from the springs, streams, swamps and glades of the Ozarks to the highlands of Rolla. Playing as St. Pat, strike down 107 snakes using only your shillelagh and skill. Defeat them all before time runs out and receive a special bonus score. Can you save campus and banish the snakes from Missouri S&T? Help make this St. Pat’s the Best Ever!



A (Very Brief) History of Snake Invasions at S&T
According to legend, or Dr. Lance Haynes, fourth faculty advisor of St. Pat’s, Snake Invasion was started in 1912 by the junior class as a way to “initiate” freshmen.

Freshmen must use giant sticks called shillelaghs to club (plastic) snakes to death and bite their heads off.

This being the 108th Best Ever, each participating student is expected to club at least one snake 108 times consecutively. If they fail to do so, they have to start over.

Until they complete the ritual rite of passage, participating students must carry around their shillelaghs. So, don’t be surprised to see stripped and customized tree trunks propped up outside of buildings and classrooms on campus during the snake invasion, which starts Monday, March 7.

Now, on with the bashing!


  1. Wow! Whoever made this should take it global. The graphics are solid and the gameplay is simple yet intriguing.

    • But… you can stand in one spot and bash all the snakes. Way too easy. Maybe play after you get back from the pub… to make it more challenging?

  2. Adaleigh M says

    I know the person that did the gfx for this, and yes, he is an amazing graphic designer. He is really, really good at what he does.

    This is awesome!

  3. Beat it with a 170 time bonus.

  4. The game isn’t working right now.

  5. The game froze on my 104th snake…..