Express engineer


Patrick Dippel is senior manager of operations for Express Scripts. Photo by B.A. Rupert

“I thrive under pressure,” says Patrick Dippel, a 2004 engineering management graduate. “I was looking for a company that was aggressive in improving itself, and I found it. I have never seen such strong passion and alignment across all segments of a business and through the efforts of every individual employee.”

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On the right path

Breenae Washington earned her engineering management degree in 2012. Photo by Tim Parker Photography

Breenae Washington earned her engineering management degree in 2012. Photo by Tim Parker Photography

Breenae Washington didn’t know what to expect when she started her first job after earning an engineering management degree in 2012.

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Insights from abroad


The group learns about the Battle of the Somme. Photos submitted

Fifteen students and two professors from Missouri S&T recently returned from three weeks spent abroad where they experienced French culture and witnessed the lingering effects of two world wars on the country. While there, they shared photos and blogged about their trip on the new Miners Abroad website.

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If it ain’t broke …


Alex Dunn (left) and Jacob Darling inspect the M-SAT team’s satellite. Photo by B.A. Rupert

After a second-place finish in the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Nanosat-7 competition in January, S&T’s Missouri Satellite (M-SAT) team is already working on the next two-year design and build competition, Nanosat-8.

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Willing to work


Ryan Beck’s hardhat from his USG internship came in handy when he went to New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy cleanup. Photo by Terry Barner.

Ryan Beck‘s first experience of leaving the comforts of home to help faraway strangers occurred when he was just a year old. That’s when his parents took him on a mission trip to Mexico.

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Preventing cataracts


Dr. Nuran Ercal (left) is conducting research to see if an antioxidant can prevent degenerative eye conditions. She is pictured with graduate student Ahdab Naeem Khayyat. Photos by B.A. Rupert

Using eye drops prepared with the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine amide, or NACA, Nuran Ercal is conducting research that could prevent or cure cataracts, macular degeneration and other degenerative eye disorders.

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Kathy Withrow


Kathy Withrow in Bruges, Belgium. Photos submitted

Kathy Withrow: senior in business and management systems

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No limits


Dan Rewerts’ oldest son Harley holds a picture of his dad from his Army days. Also pictured, left to right: Son Jack, wife Emily, daughter Charlotte and Dan Rewerts. Photo by B.A. Rupert

After high school graduation, Dan Rewerts never thought he’d go to college.

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Haunted Mine: A Halloween tradition


Last year’s Haunted Mine was briefly illuminated for this photo by B.A. Rupert

Watch the video: 

“The best part is seeing these big guys who don’t think they’ll get scared come running full-speed out of the mine,” says Barbara Robertson with a smile.

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Julie Meyer: Back on the court


Photos by B.A. Rupert

Julie Meyer, a senior in history and secondary education, started her S&T career as an accomplished athlete in both volleyball and women’s basketball. Last season she focused solely on basketball. Her decision paid off as she helped lead the Lady Miners to a share of the Great Lakes Valley Conference West Division title (the first title since 1995-96 and the first one as a member of the GLVC) and an appearance in the NCAA Tournament for the third time in school history.

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From doll shoes to rabbit bones …


Kevin Wu works with tiny scaffolds made from bioactive glass powder. Photos by B.A. Rupert

This summer, eight undergraduate students from across the country have come to S&T for a solid research experience in additive manufacturing, a technique that constructs components in layers. The method can create complex 3-D shapes and produces far less scrap than conventional methods.
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